Family Constellations

What is Family Constellation Therapy?

Family Constellation Therapy is a powerful and transformative method designed to bring to light the deeply embedded patterns and unconscious dynamics present within familial systems. Originating from the insights of Bert Hellinger, this modality uncovers the indelible impact our familial lineage exerts on our contemporary existence. It’s grounded in the belief that many of our personal challenges — emotional, mental, or even physical — have their roots in the traumas, unresolved issues, and patterns of our ancestors.

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Benefits of Family Constellations:

  1. Unearth Hidden Dynamics: Expose subtle familial patterns and unseen dynamics influencing life choices and experiences.

  2. Resolve Past Traumas: Engage deeply with generational traumas, finding pathways to healing and closure.

  3. Enhance Relationships: Gain insights to strengthen and rejuvenate relationships, fostering improved understanding and bonds.

  4. Personal Growth and Self-Awareness: Deepen your connection to self by understanding the ancestral narratives that shape your identity.

  5. Break Free from Restrictive Patterns: Identify and release entrenched patterns and unconscious loyalties limiting your potential.

  6. Holistic Healing: Embrace a comprehensive healing process that addresses emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical challenges rooted in family dynamics.

  7. Improved Life Choices: By understanding familial influences, make more informed and empowered decisions in career, relationships, and personal endeavors.

  8. Strengthened Family Bonds: Even if conducted individually, the ripple effects of the therapy can enhance communication and understanding within the entire family unit.

  9. Unlock Potential: By addressing blockages from family patterns, unleash personal and professional potentials previously overshadowed by unconscious dynamics.

  10. Empower Future Generations: By addressing and healing generational patterns, you contribute to a healthier and more conscious legacy for future generations.

Who is Family Constellation Therapy Suitable For?

Family Constellation Therapy is a versatile tool, catering to individuals who are:

  • Individuals Experiencing Family Issues: Those dealing with complex family dynamics or unresolved family conflicts.
  • Persons with Emotional or Psychological Challenges: Ideal for anyone struggling with personal issues that may stem from family relationships.
  • Seekers of Personal Development: People looking to understand themselves better and improve their interpersonal relationships.
  • Those Facing Repeated Life Patterns: Individuals noticing repetitive problems or themes in their life that they suspect are rooted in their family history.
  • Professionals in Helping Industries: Therapists, counselors, and others in therapeutic professions looking to enhance their toolkit for helping clients.

What is Involved in a Session?

A Family Constellation session typically involves:

  • Setting the Intent: You will start by defining the issue or the question you want to explore with the therapist.
  • Choosing Representatives: You or the therapist will select individuals from the group to represent family members or other elements relevant to your issue.
  • Mapping the Constellation: Representatives are physically positioned in relation to each other, reflecting the relationships and dynamics of the family members they symbolize.
  • Observing Interactions: As the session progresses, interactions between the representatives bring insights into the family dynamics.
  • Resolution and Insight: The session aims to reveal hidden dynamics and work towards resolving them, providing you with new perspectives and understanding.

What can I expect after a Session?

After a Family Constellation therapy session, you might experience:

  • Emotional Shifts: Feelings and emotions from the session may continue to evolve, leading to shifts in your emotional state.
  • Increased Clarity: Insights gained during the session often lead to a clearer understanding of your personal and familial relationships.
  • Changes in Relationships: As your perceptions and behaviors change, this can affect your relationships, often leading to improvements or new dynamics.
  • Continued Processing: The effects of the session may unfold over time, requiring ongoing reflection and integration into your life.
  • Empowerment: Many find themselves feeling empowered to make changes or take actions that were previously daunting.


Family Constellation Therapy, rooted in the insights of Bert Hellinger, is a unique therapeutic modality that delves into the ancestral patterns and unconscious dynamics within one’s family system. Unlike traditional therapies that often focus on individual experiences, this approach examines the broader family network, uncovering generational traumas, unresolved issues, and deep-seated patterns. This holistic perspective aids in achieving a comprehensive understanding, fostering healing not just at the individual level, but potentially rippling through the entire family lineage.

Absolutely. One of the transformative aspects of Family Constellation Therapy is its ability to effect change within the broader family system, even if only one member undergoes the therapy. The session taps into the family’s energetic field, allowing the participant to gain insights and find resolutions that can indirectly benefit the entire family. While involving more family members can provide varied perspectives, significant healing can occur with a singular participant.

The journey with Family Constellation Therapy is highly individualized. Some people experience profound insights and shifts in just one session, while others might find deeper healing through a series of sessions. The number of sessions you might require often depends on the complexity of the familial dynamics being explored and the specific challenges you’re seeking to address. Remember, the therapy is not just about resolving issues but also understanding and embracing your family’s intricate narrative.

Yes, Family Constellation Therapy can still be immensely beneficial even if you possess limited information about your ancestral lineage. The therapy operates on an energetic and intuitive level, tapping into the collective consciousness of the family system. Even with minimal factual knowledge, the process can unveil profound insights, emotions, and patterns that resonate deeply, guiding participants towards healing and understanding.

While the primary focus of Family Constellation Therapy is the family system, it acknowledges that our familial lineage often has a broader influence on our lives than we might initially realize. Personal challenges, whether in relationships, career, or mental well-being, can often trace their roots back to ancestral patterns or unresolved family traumas. By addressing these foundational dynamics, the therapy can facilitate healing and resolution in various areas of one’s life.

  • Family Constellation can be conducted one-on-one or in a group setting. In group settings, other participants act as representatives of your family members, which can provide deeper insights and dynamics.
  • Yes, many personal issues and patterns, even if they seem unrelated to family, often have roots in familial relationships and dynamics that this therapy can help uncover and address.

Generally, no special preparation is needed. However, it is helpful to reflect on the issues you wish to explore and be open to the therapeutic process.

Family Constellation Therapy is generally safe when conducted by a trained and experienced therapist. It involves emotional exploration, which is managed in a supportive and respectful environment.

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