Inner Child Work

Inner Child Work: Delving Deep into the Heart of Your Authentic Self

The journey through Inner Child Work is a profound exploration into the corridors of your past, where memories both tender and traumatic reside. With Abi Beri as your guide, traverse this sacred landscape, giving voice to suppressed emotions, healing wounds that time forgot, and re-establishing a bond with the purest essence of your being.

The Essence of the Inner Child
What is Inner Child Work?

Beyond the many roles and responsibilities of adulthood, there lies a more delicate, unguarded version of ourselves – our inner child. This facet of our psyche represents our first experiences of the world: full of wonder, vulnerability, joy, and sometimes pain. Inner Child Work is a therapeutic journey that aims to reconnect with this foundational part of our psyche, addressing the traumas, celebrating the joys, and bridging the gap between our past and present..

Key Benefits of Inner Child Work:
  1. Reconnection with Self: Dive deep into the recesses of your psyche and rekindle a relationship with the child within. It’s a journey of self-discovery, fostering profound self-love and acceptance.
  2. Healing Past Traumas: Every scar from our past has a story. Through Inner Child Work, these narratives are gently brought to the surface, addressed, and given a space to heal, liberating the self from chains of the past.
  3. Improved Relationships: Understanding the whims, desires, and hurts of our inner child often reflects in our external relationships. By nurturing this internal relationship, witness profound shifts in your interpersonal dynamics.
  4. Emotional Regulation: Delve into the origins of your emotional reactions, gaining tools and insights to express and manage feelings in a balanced, genuine manner.
  5. Enhanced Creativity: Childhood is a time of boundless creativity. By reconnecting with your inner child, tap into this reservoir of imagination and innovative thinking, unburdened by adult reservations.
Who is Inner Child Work Suitable For?

Whether you’re grappling with unresolved issues from your past, trying to decipher deep-rooted emotional patterns, or yearning to re-experience the world through the unfiltered lens of childhood, Inner Child Work offers a transformative experience. It’s a therapeutic journey tailored for anyone seeking to uncover, understand, and cherish their authentic self.

What's Involved in a Session?

Guided by the seasoned expertise of Abi Beri, sessions encompass an amalgamation of reflective dialogues, evocative guided visualizations, and therapeutic exercises. Together, in a safe and nurturing environment, we’ll journey through cherished memories and challenging moments, discerning patterns, and crafting a narrative of healing and understanding.

What Can I Expect After a Session?

Post-session, a reinvigorated connection to your true essence often emerges. Many find themselves shedding the weight of age-old burdens, experiencing a resurgence in creativity, and cultivating a more compassionate understanding of their emotional landscape.

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The ‘Inner Child’ is a symbolic representation of the younger version of oneself. It captures the emotions, memories, experiences, and traumas of our childhood. Imagine this part of your psyche as a living entity within you, carrying all the innocence, wonder, vulnerabilities, and even pains from your earlier years. The ‘Inner Child’ is not just a mere concept; it’s the core of many emotional responses and patterns that adults exhibit. By connecting with and healing this part of oneself, there’s potential for profound transformation and understanding.

Inner Child Work is pivotal because many of our adult behaviors, emotional responses, and relational patterns are rooted in childhood experiences. Whether it’s a traumatic event, a seemingly inconsequential moment, or a pattern of upbringing, these experiences shape our worldview and emotional reactions. Engaging in Inner Child Work allows individuals to address these root causes, heal past traumas, and achieve emotional freedom. This therapy fosters deeper self-understanding, empowers individuals to rewrite their emotional scripts, and cultivates a more authentic and liberated self.

A typical Inner Child Work session with Abi Beri is a blend of open dialogue, therapeutic exercises, and sometimes, guided visualization. We start by creating a safe and compassionate space where you feel comfortable to open up. The journey involves exploring specific memories, discerning patterns, understanding emotional triggers, and actively engaging in healing dialogues with your inner child. Each session is tailored according to your unique experiences, ensuring a personalized therapeutic journey.

While self-help tools and books can guide you, working with a trained therapist ensures you navigate potentially painful memories safely and effectively.

The number of sessions varies for each individual. Some might find profound shifts in just a few sessions, while others may benefit from a longer engagement. It often depends on the depth of the traumas, the goals of the therapy, and the individual’s engagement level. After the initial session, Abi Beri will be better positioned to suggest a tentative roadmap tailored to your therapeutic journey.

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