Desires shape our choices, drive our aspirations, and influence our interpersonal relationships. But have you ever paused to consider where these desires originate? Enter the world of Family Constellations, where we can map and transform inherited desires that may not necessarily align with our authentic self.

Understanding The Origin of Desires

Desires, at their core, are intrinsic motivators that propel us forward, making us seek experiences, relationships, and goals. They are entwined in our daily decisions, from simple choices like what to eat, to profound life-changing decisions like selecting a career or choosing a partner. While many of our desires originate from personal experiences and innate tendencies, a significant portion can be traced back to familial and ancestral roots.

It’s intriguing how family histories, narratives, and even unresolved emotions of ancestors could shape our desires. A family legacy of artists might instill an inherited desire for creative expression, while ancestors’ unfulfilled aspirations might manifest as a strong drive in us. In essence, understanding the origins of desires means recognizing that we are not isolated beings but rather part of a continuous chain of ancestry, where emotions, aspirations, and desires flow through generations.

The Family Constellations Perspective

Family Constellations, a transformative therapeutic approach conceptualized by Bert Hellinger, delves deep into the subconscious realms of family dynamics, unearthing patterns and relationships that often remain obscured in our daily awareness. The methodology doesn’t just focus on the nuclear family but stretches back to include several generations.

By viewing the family as an interconnected constellation, this therapy helps highlight the balance (or the lack thereof) between giving and taking within family relationships. It’s not uncommon for individuals to unconsciously adopt certain roles or bear burdens on behalf of the family system. Through Family Constellations, one gains profound insights into how ancestral traumas, unmet desires, and unresolved emotions subtly shape personal patterns of desire.

Crafting the Desire Map

1. Recognizing Inherited Desires:
Before diving into the mechanics of creating a Desire Map, introspection is key. Reflect on your aspirations, passions, and drives. Can you discern any recurring patterns in your family history that align with your desires? For instance, did your grandmother’s unfulfilled wish to travel overseas kindle your own passion for globetrotting?

2. Visualizing the Constellation:
To create a tangible Desire Map, imagine or physically craft a layout representing family members across generations. By positioning them concerning each other and noting major life events, emotional entanglements, and shared desires, you can visually trace how desires flow or are obstructed within the family system.

3. Charting Out Desires:
With the visual constellation as a reference, extract and list down desires that seem inherited or influenced by family narratives. This list becomes a cornerstone, helping distinguish between desires nurtured by personal experiences and those shaped by family influences.

Changing the Desire Narrative

1. Engage in Healing Conversations:
Initiating conversations about inherited desires can be cathartic. Talk to family members about recognized patterns. Understanding the history, emotional undertones, and the broader context behind these desires can shed light on their current influence on you.

2. Release and Replace:
Armed with insights from Family Constellations sessions and familial conversations, visualize confronting these inherited desires. Engage in role-playing or guided visualizations to symbolically release these desires, creating an emotional space that can be filled with desires that genuinely resonate with your core.

3. Realign with Authentic Desires:
Post the release, it’s essential to consciously cultivate and nurture desires that echo your true self. Reflect on what genuinely ignites passion within you, devoid of familial or societal expectations. As you attune more to these authentic desires, they’ll naturally guide your life choices, leading to a more fulfilling existence.

Your Personal Guide to Family Constellations: Abi Beri

Embarking on a journey with Family Constellations can be profound, and having a guide who understands the intricate dance of familial energies can make all the difference. I, Abi Beri, am a trained Family Constellations therapist with extensive experience in holistic therapies. My diverse training ensures a comprehensive approach to healing, blending traditional techniques with modern holistic practices. Whether you’re based in Dublin, Naas, Newbridge, or anywhere else in Ireland – or even globally – I offer both face-to-face sessions and remote consultations to cater to your needs. Let’s work together to untangle the web of inherited desires and narratives, and pave the path towards your authentic self.

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