Welcome to our blog where we delve into the fascinating world of Family Constellations Therapy, a unique approach to understanding family dynamics and healing ancestral wounds. This therapy, inspired by the customs of the Zulu people and their sacred regard for ancestors, was conceptualized by a German psychologist during his time in South Africa. Unlike the traditional Western approach to family issues, this method emphasizes candid communication and acknowledges the deep-seated influences of family narratives on personal identity.

Embarking on Group Workshops and One-on-One Sessions

Family Constellations Therapy can be experienced in two distinct formats: group workshops and individual sessions. In the group setting, you’re likely to find yourself among strangers, each person taking turns to explore their own family constellation. A facilitator guides the process, with participants role-playing significant family members. This setup, though involving strangers, often reveals startlingly realistic family dynamics, offering profound insights into your familial relationships.

For those preferring a more private setting, one-on-one sessions involve placing symbolic footprints around you to represent family members, emotions, or challenging situations. This visual and physical representation helps unearth subconscious patterns and connections. As you step onto each pair of footprints, guided by a facilitator, you’re encouraged to close your eyes and tune into your feelings, culminating in the recitation of healing mantras.

Active Participation in Your Healing Process

A key aspect of this therapy is the active participation in your own healing journey. It’s about opening up to new perspectives, setting aside the need to be right, and focusing on how you wish to feel post-therapy.

Starting with a Family Tree

A practical step to begin this journey independently is to create a family tree. This exercise isn’t just about charting names and dates; it’s about uncovering patterns that have influenced your life. Whether it’s noting shared birthdays, recurring life events, or simply acknowledging the absence of a family member, each detail adds to the understanding of your family’s narrative. This process can reveal underlying energies and traumas that have subtly shaped your experiences.

Reflect and Discover

As you complete your family tree, take a moment to reflect. Observe the patterns, the traumatic events, and those that give you strength. Allow yourself to absorb these insights and see your place in the larger family system. Thank your ancestors, acknowledging their roles in your family’s story.

Finally, contemplate these questions with your family tree in mind:

Family Constellations Therapy is not just a therapeutic method; it’s a journey into understanding and accepting your family’s past and its influence on your present and future. It’s about recognizing that you are part of a larger narrative, one that has shaped who you are and who you can become. Join us in exploring this profound therapy and discover how it can bring clarity, healing, and transformation into your life.

Embark on a Healing Journey with Abi Beri, Your Family Constellations Therapist

As an experienced Family Constellations therapist, I, Abi Beri, am here to guide you through a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. I offer personalized one-on-one sessions in Dublin, Naas, Newbridge, and remotely to clients all over Ireland and globally. My approach is tailored to your unique familial dynamics and personal history, aiming to uncover and heal ancestral wounds and patterns that influence your life. Whether you are seeking to understand complex family relationships, heal from past traumas, or simply wish to gain deeper insight into your personal identity, I am committed to facilitating a supportive and enlightening environment for your healing journey. Let’s work together to explore the narratives that shape your life and embark on a path to a more harmonious and fulfilling future.

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