Our personal journey is deeply entwined with the histories, patterns, and dynamics of our families. By merging Carl Rogers’ person-centered therapy with the profound practice of Family Constellations, we discover a holistic approach to understanding and healing these intricate relationships.

Understanding the Foundations

Person-Centered Therapy, birthed by Carl Rogers, revolves around the intrinsic worth and potential of every individual. It emphasizes the importance of unconditional positive regard, empathy, and genuine communication in fostering a supportive therapeutic environment.

On the other hand, Family Constellations, developed by Bert Hellinger, seeks to reveal and resolve deep-seated family patterns, traumas, and hidden dynamics that influence an individual’s life.

Why Integrate the Two?

The power of merging these two approaches lies in their combined depth. While person-centered therapy validates the individual’s experience, Family Constellations contextualize this within a broader familial framework. Together, they paint a comprehensive picture of the individual’s place within their family system.

The Individual’s Place in the Family Mosaic

Within the family unit, each member has their unique experiences and perspectives. A person-centered approach acknowledges these individual narratives, ensuring each voice feels heard and valued. Meanwhile, Family Constellations provide the broader canvas, mapping out the intricate web of relationships and influences.

Healing with Unconditional Positive Regard

One of Rogers’ core principles is the provision of unconditional positive regard. By bringing this into the constellation space, facilitators can create a nurturing environment where participants feel safe exploring painful memories or confronting challenging family dynamics.

Empowering Change and Acceptance

As individuals gain insights into their family dynamics through constellations, the empathetic tenets of person-centered therapy offer tools for processing, acceptance, and growth. This combination empowers individuals to understand their family’s history and patterns while crafting their path forward.


“The Family Within” is more than a therapeutic concept—it’s a journey into the heart of familial bonds, patterns, and histories. Integrating person-centered therapy with Family Constellations provides a powerful toolkit for individuals seeking to understand, heal, and grow within the context of their family narratives.

Drawing upon the rich tapestry of Irish familial traditions and stories, I, as a Family Constellation therapist based in Ireland, offer a unique and empathetic space for individuals to explore and understand their family dynamics. By weaving together our shared cultural narratives with the transformative principles of Family Constellations, I guide you in unveiling hidden patterns, healing generational wounds, and fostering deeper connections within your family mosaic.

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