Family Constellation Therapy is a therapeutic approach designed to help individuals heal from the invisible effects of family dynamics and ancestral influences. Developed by Bert Hellinger, this method focuses on uncovering and resolving deep-seated issues within the family system.

Orders of Love

Central to Family Constellation Therapy are the “Orders of Love.” These principles ensure harmony and balance within the family system:

  1. Right to Belong: Every family member, regardless of their actions or circumstances, has an inherent right to belong. Exclusion of any member can lead to imbalance and unresolved issues within the family.
  2. Right to Safety: Ensuring that each family member feels safe and protected is crucial. Emotional and physical safety allows individuals to thrive and maintain healthy relationships.
  3. Balance of Giving and Taking: There should be a balance between giving and receiving within the family. Imbalances can lead to resentment and feelings of indebtedness.
  4. Order of Hierarchy: Recognizing the natural order of family members, such as parents before children, is essential. Disruptions in this order can cause confusion and dysfunction.

Key Concepts in Family Constellation Therapy

The Process of Family Constellation Therapy

  1. Setting the Intention: The session begins with the individual setting an intention or question they seek clarity on.
  2. Choosing Representatives: Participants choose representatives for their family members or significant elements of the issue.
  3. Creating the Constellation: The therapist guides the arrangement of representatives in a way that visually represents the family dynamics.
  4. Observation and Adjustment: The therapist observes interactions and may make adjustments to the constellation to bring hidden dynamics to the surface.
  5. Resolution: Through dialogue and repositioning, the therapist helps facilitate resolution and healing within the family system.

Benefits of Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapy is a powerful tool for those seeking to heal and understand their family dynamics on a deeper level. It brings to light the unseen influences that shape our lives and helps us find balance and harmony within our family system.

For more insights into my personal journey and experiences with Family Constellation Therapy, check out my recent interview with Mystic Mag here.

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